Ua ola loko i ke aloha Love gives life within. Love is imperative to one’s mental and physical welfare.

In 1964, under the leadership of Reverend Gerald Loweth, the foundation for the Big Island Substance Abuse Council began with the Big Island Committee on Alcoholism. Reverend Loweth came to the Big Island in 1956 to serve as the Rector of Church of the Holy Apostles in Hilo. He recognized that there were no AA groups on the island and began to pull together people willing to see what could be done about the issue of alcoholism on the Big Island. They followed the lead of what was being done in Honolulu and with government funding they established the BISAC with an office in Hilo. 

Since Reverend Loweth’s time, the Big Island Committee on Alcoholism grew to become the Big Island Substance Abuse Council. The organization has expanded its scope of services from a small halfway house to a distinguished CARF accredited program addressing substance abuse in general as well as mental health issues. BISAC is now a multi-million dollar organization with a strong commitment to serve the state and Hawai‘i County, continually inspiring individuals and families to reclaim their lives in the wake of the ravages of substance abuse.



1. Integrity — Living Pono, ensuring honest, fair and ethical practices that keep our promise of helping to reclaim and enrich lives.

2. Nurture —Fostering relationships with staff, clients, their loved ones and our community to encourage thriving growth.

3. Success —Achieving, daily, a sense of health, happiness and overall well-being in all our activities.

4. Perseverance —Working humbly each day with dedication and patience to meet the needs of our mission.

5. Innovation —Committing to continuous improvement through new ideas, resourcefulness and the fostering of individual talents.

6. Respect —Recognizing and honoring the dignity of each and every individual.

7. Empowerment —Building confidence by providing resources, encouragement, guidance and support.

When you donate to the Big Island Substance Abuse Center you make a profound impact on the community

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